Jaipur National Unversity 

Jaipur National University (JNU), Jaipur came into existence in the year 2007. Two professional institutes of the Seedling Group, established in 2002, with several technical & professional programmes of studies, were merged with the University to form its major part. In 2008, an expert panel of UGC members accorded approval to our programmes under Clause 2(f) of the UGC Act, 1956. The School of Distance Education and Learning was accorded approval by the Joint Committee of the UGC- AICTE- DEC for offering programmes through Distance Education mode. Besides these mandatory recognitions, the University has earned the trust and goodwill of aspiring students, parents, public and concerned agencies, based on excellence in teaching and sincere emphasis on high standards of research.
In such a short span, JNU has carved a niche for itself in the country because of its commitment to providing quality education and a conducive learning environment. The University is becoming an obvious choice for professional and technical education, as well as for lovers of quality academic pursuits. Here is a University where the exceptional and the affordable come together.

The University has demonstrated high standards of teaching and research. Highly qualified and experienced faculty adorn its classrooms. For the fourth consecutive year, the University has been rated among the top 20 BT Schools of India by the well-known magazine Biospectrum. Eminent scholars are invited for delivering lectures on a regular basis for the benefit of both students and teachers. Collaboration with top national and international Universities and institutions is one of its hallmarks. 

Keeping in view the philanthropic orientation of the Sponsoring Body and the policies of the State, the University is fulfilling its social responsibility by awarding scholarships, freeships, arranging remedial/add-on courses and other necessary facilities for the needy students. We believe in quality education for the development of our students, hence contributing to the progress of our State and Society.

The UNIVERSITY at a Glance

Jaipur National University, Jaipur is a premier centre of learning, providing various integrated and interdisciplinary programmes of study and research in the country. With the opening of the School of Distance Education & Learning , JNU has taken education to the doorsteps of those aspirants who, for some reason, could not be a part of regular stream of education. In this era of competition & ambition for excellence, it has become imperative to have quality education & an alert mind coupled with the right attitude to carry onself, and for this, JNU happens to be the most sought after destination. Read More..

Distance Education & Learning

The School of Distance Education and Learning (SODEL) of Jaipur National University was established in the year 2008-2009. In Sept, 2009 the University got approval from DEC and the Joint Committee of AICTE-UGC-DEC accorded its approval to start various programs of studies at under graduate and post graduate level. Quality assurance and maintenance have been the motto of the School of Distance Education & Learning, and has all along maintained parity with education offered to regular students in colleges and universities. The students are provided quality study material in Self Learning format and in addition to this counseling is provided by well educated and experienced academic counselors at the place near to their doorstep. One of the great advantages of Distance Learning is that it provides a viable and affordable alternative to conventional mode of education, especially for those, who for several socio-economic, family and geographic constraints, could not get education despite their high motivation and genuine aptitude for studies, and also for those who do not have time for education through conventional mode because of their personal, professional and family obligations.